Blogger/Swatcher Application

Dam Nail Polish is currently looking for swatchers who have an active Pinterest or YouTube account. 

We generally like to select bloggers who write thoughtful and honest reviews for beauty products and post to multiple social media sites. We are seeking accounts which showcase the products they are review with professional lighting and crisp photos. You must be an active blogger and review products in a timely fashion - usually within 10 days of receiving would be ideal.

We do ask if bloggers are willing to chip in for shipping ($5 or less usually within US - international bloggers will be a little bit more). Inability to pay for shipping will not disqualify you. While we would love to be able to choose a large number of bloggers and swatchers, we are not able to choose all qualified bloggers, but can offer a blogger discount. 

Please take a moment to fill out an application. Qualified bloggers and swatchers will be contacted with opportunities to review. Thank you for taking the time to support a growing indie polish company!