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Home Sweet Home Trio

This release is capped at 200 bottles per color.

The first 50 trios will be ready to ship. Pre order will be open until Feb 29 10pm or until supplies last.

This collection will restock in the future.

All others (including single bottles) will be on a pre order basis and can take up to 5 weeks.

February 2024 Facebook Group Customs - Available until Feb 29th

Join each Facebook group for more details (and a coupon) for the upcoming Facebook group customs.

Creme Connection


Falloween Polish Lovers

Keep Your Toppers On: A Nail Polish Group

Polished Jewel Society

Pawsitively Polished & Friends (no coupon for this charity polish)

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I'm Not a Robot Series

Series inspired by answers to our Facebook Fan Group question "How Do I Know You're Not a Robot?"

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