Jan 5th 2024 Release Shipping Updates

Here you will find shipping updates for the Jan 5th release. Please keep in mind I am just a one woman shop and the turnaround time is 7-21 business days. Thank you so much for your patience!

Feb 12 - All orders outside of the 21 business day turnaround time are now packed up! I will be working on PPU for the next two days and resume packing either Wed or Thu. 

Feb 11 - I'm caught up to about Jan 9th and expect to get through orders placed through Jan 19th by Tuesday this week. I am finally getting some help this week so hopefully it'll go by a little faster but I do have PPU to push out by Wednesday so there will be a pause on shipping for a day or two.

Feb 6 - Pushed out a bunch of orders today and I’m at the very end of the Jan 5th orders. Tomorrow I’ll be working on stockist orders and looks like I’ll be working on orders from Jan 6th to mid Jan. 

Jan 30 - Just packed up two stockist orders along with some regular orders today! I'm about 2/3 complete with the orders placed on Jan 5th. Mr. Dam was able to help me pour some of the new releases so fingers crossed that will help move orders along faster for the February release. 

Jan 28 - I am a little over 50% complete with the orders placed on Jan 5th and expect to complete those orders by the end of the week. There will be a release of new colors on Feb 2nd at noon EST and any orders that are outstanding will be allowed to combine orders if they wish. 


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