Release Cycle Info

When do you do new releases?

I try to do a pre-release or an official release every month, but the schedule tends to be kind of random. They are usually on a Friday at Noon EST.

What is a pre-release?

When I prepare for an official release, I make a batch to send out to swatchers. There is some excess from that batch and I will list those for anyone who is interested in getting the new releases early.

Most of the time, there will only be swatch wheel and bottle shots available to preview the polish. Official swatches will be available for official releases which usually occur ~4 weeks after pre-release.

Shipping times for pre-releases tend to be a bit longer than normal processing times. Pre-release items usually ship in approximately 3 weeks. Pre-release items tend to have a very limited quantity.

Are all your releases capped?

Yes, all my releases are capped since I am a team of one and have very limited time to make polishes. I try to bring back polishes that are high in demand if it's possible.