Shipping Updates

Here you will find shipping updates. Please keep in mind I am just a one woman shop and the turnaround time is 7-21 business days. Thank you so much for your patience!

June 18: Just wrapped up a stockist order and finished pouring this month's PPU. Tomorrow I will be finishing up PPU polishes and if time permits I will be working on the next batch of orders which will cover the orders placed from May 18th through May 27th.

June 11: Currently working through orders placed May 14th - May 18th and anticipate those will go out tomorrow 6/12. A reminder that the shop is closed, but I am still working on packing orders and just not taking new orders until late July to early August. It looks like all outstanding orders will be fulfilled before July.

June 5: Currently working through orders placed on May 3rd. Will be mixing the last batch of It's Ya Girl's Birthday and pouring some more Black Eyes Blossom today. Shop will be closing June 10 until late July or early August.

May 23: Packed up some orders today and they will be picked up tomorrow. Will continue to pack some more orders tomorrow and after I’m caught up I will be working on some more stockist orders this weekend. 

May 22: Finalizing a stockist order today and will be packing up some of the orders from the 4/19 release. We’re approaching the 5 week turnaround date but I do think I’ll make it before the end of the turnaround date.

May 20: We got some orders packed up this weekend and they will be going out the door today. Planning on working on some stockist orders and packing some more orders today.

May 14: Stormy Siblings are being poured today along with the May Polish Pickup polishes. Once PPU polishes are out the door, shipping will resume!

May 10: Mixing up some more Stormy Siblings and I <3 U 1,000 this weekend! Also packed up about 60ish orders today but unfortunately USPS did not come pick up today. If you received a label yesterday or today, your order is scheduled to go out tomorrow 5/11.

May 8: Merely a Mirage, Taro Tea Wannabe, and Jams & Jellies have been mixed! Pouring will happen today and if I have time left, I’ll pack some orders.

Apr 27: Shipping has begun and we have started shipping the Ready to Ship Stormy Sibling polishes. The Abortion Funds polishes are mixed and some are poured so orders containing those polishes will be the next to be packed up.

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