New to Dam Nail Polish?

Hi there! Welcome to Dam Nail Polish family! There's been a recent influx of new fans and I thought a post with all the recent frequently asked questions would be helpful. I will continue to add more FAQs as needed.

  • What's the status on my order?
    • Orders typically ship within 7-15 business days and orders with pre order items will have a longer turnaround time noted in the order confirmation. On each item, there will be a note stating the turnaround time for that particular product.
  • There are a lot of polishes that are out of stock. Are they gone forever?
Most likely they can be restocked if they are still showing on my site. I tend to remove polishes from the site if I have no intention of restocking in the future. Having said that, I'm basically a one woman show with occasional help so I am limited in how many polishes I can bring back. 
Here are some popular polishes that will definitely return (no planned date yet):
      • Jingle Berries
      • Dingle Berries
      • I Wear My <3 on My Nails
      • I <3 You, 1,000
      • Gemstone Rainbows Collection
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