Marisa from Polish Those Nails Reviews the Summer Sunset Series

Posted by Angie Dam on

Hi there Dam-sels! Can I call you Dam Nail Polish fans that or is that weird?

Anywho - I've been meaning to tell you guys about all the reviews for my latest collection released in August 2016 - The Summer Sunset Series. This set of four thermal polishes were created to say goodbye to good ol' summer days and was inspired by some of my favorite sunset scenes. If you know me well enough, you'll know that I LOVE summer and beaches. If I had it my way, all of my polishes would just be shades of blue water.

Today I will spotlight the review written by Marisa from Polish Those Nails. Below are some photos from the review, but you can read the full review here.

Blushing Nudie in cold state
Blushing Nude - Thermal Nail Polish

Auburnt in transition
Auburnt - Thermal Nail Polish

 Macro of Exotic Horizon in transition
Exotic Horizon - Thermal Nail Polish

Cerulean Skies in cold state
Cerulean Skies - Thermal Nail Polish

Thank you Marisa for taking the time to review my polishes! Let me know in the comments which one you liked the most! Happy Sunday!


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